By supporting access to quality education for all, you contribute to build a better world.
By donating to Action Education, you are helping us remove the barriers to education for nearly 1.5 million children, youth and adults, through more than 91 projects in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. Your generosity makes a real difference in the lives of the vulnerable and marginalized populations we work with.

For greater efficiency, Action Education intervenes according to the real needs of each project. Thus, we pool the donations received across all of our missions. If the donations received are greater than the commitments made to a project, they will be allocated according to the needs of the other projects.

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Making a donation is not a trivial act and we are aware of this. That is why we make every effort to be transparent with our donors.
Each year, we publish on our website our Activity Report in which you can find all the projects made possible by your donations as well as the origin and use of the funds.
Action Education's accounts are audited each year in each country and at the global level by the auditors of the EY network, whose financial audit reports are available on our website.

Your donations to Action Education may be subject to a tax receipt, depending on your country of residence. They will allow you to benefit from a tax deduction of the amount donated to Action Education. For example, if you are subject to tax in France,

If you are a company, you benefit from a tax deduction of 60%, within the limit of 0.5% of your turnover.


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Action Education do not sell, exchange or rent your personal data. In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you. To exercise this right, contact us at the following email address:

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